Each set of performance checklists covers the FOUR KEYS to getting more from your tools:


Maintenance is crucial.
This alone will help keep tools running smoothly. The checklist will explain:

  • Common inspection points
  • Parts to clean
  • Lubrication techniques

Organization is just as important!
Not just when you start working, but at every stage. This checklist clarifies how to:

  • Properly store your tools
  • Optimize your workspace setup
  • Keep things in order while working

Repairs are often overlooked completely.
We get it: fixing a broken or underperforming tool can be tough and maybe you're not sure where to begin. That's where this checklist comes to the rescue, showing you step-by-step:

  • How to spot the stuff that needs fixing
  • The most common tool repairs
Energizing/Replacing your power tools can be a necessary last resort. This checklist takes you through the process of purchasing the new tool, taking the guesswork out of hundreds of options!

Save yourself valuable time and money by learning how to properly maintain, organize, repair, and energize your power tools. 

Your job depends on your tools' performance. Production schedules, deadlines, or even entire projects can be thrown off by downtime caused by broken tools.

Avoid the delays and the hassle. Work smarter with these performance checklists, designed to walk you through everything from taking good care of your tools, to buying a new one!


You'll always find a reliable solution at
Whitehead Industrial Hardware

We ask the right questions to understand exactly what you need. Our team of specialists work hard to find you the right solutions to fix, not just patch, the problem. That's why we created these smart checklists. We're here to help you unlock the full potential of the tools you use everyday.
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